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Carla Jaramillo All pictures associated with case #2018-00060486 Police Lissa Herrera
vanessa delgado I would like to request a list of all city employees to include full name, date of hire, position... Human Resources Lissa Herrera
Connie Flores Re: Inspection of Public Records Act (IPRA) Request for Production of Documents
for an inciden...
Police Lissa Herrera
Shane Soloman Please advise if there are any Liens/Special assessments (open invoices) that are not recorded on... Legal; Police - Codes; Utilities - Collections Lissa Herrera
Jessica Cisneros Claimant(s): Martinez, Cassandra & Martinez, Rosa & Martinez, Zamerya Date of Accident: ... Police Lissa Herrera
Trace McConnell I’m looking to obtain an inventory database of all the space that the city of Las Cruces leases s... Economic Development; Parks & Recreation; Public Works; Quality of Life Lissa Herrera
Selena L. Ruiz Good Afternoon, I am requesting a police report so the offender may be seen by NM Parole Board ... Police Lissa Herrera
Barbara Haynes My name is Barbara, I work for Pemco Limited on behalf of Fannie Mae. I received a property to ma... Police - Codes Lissa Herrera
Samuel Kane Hello, We represent Anella Westerneorf and children in a bed bug case that occurred the night of... Police Lissa Herrera
Michel Don Please let us know if there is any open code violations or any open or expired building permits f... Community Development; Police - Codes Lissa Herrera
Cheryl Furrer RE: 3464 WESLEY DR, LAS CRUCES, NM  88012/ Parcel number R0207959   Greetings,
My name ...
Police - Codes Lissa Herrera
Larissa Duran I am requesting any incident reports, photographs, and/or audio/video recordings  with respect to... Police Lissa Herrera
Michael Blakely To whom it may concern, I hope this email is reaching you well. My name is Michael Blakely. I am... Human Resources; Police Lissa Herrera
Cheryl Furrer RE: 1325  EVELYN STREET, LAS CRUCES, NM  88001/ Parcel number R0209149 Greetings,
My nam...
Police - Codes Lissa Herrera
Holt Mynatt Martinez P.C. Please produce all records (reports, photos, video, audio) related to crash report 801608392 / ca... Police Lissa Herrera
Rudy Ray Aragon Any and all video or audio from March 28th with Las Cruces police department having to with child... Police Lissa Herrera
Aldana Mari All video recordings, The 911 call log and audio, All investigative reports, All witness/dri... Police Lissa Herrera
Victor Saenz Hello, Please provide this office with the police report, any and all supplemental reports, phot... Police Lissa Herrera
Sarah A. Hess Greetings, I am requesting all publicly available arrest records from 1990 to the present regard... Police Lissa Herrera
tom springer How much did the city pay for the Hibbs Institute study on the economic impact of the minimum wag... Financial Services - Budget Lissa Herrera
Manika Please check and advise for the below address:   Liens & Special Assessments Open Code V... Community Development; Legal; Police - Codes Lissa Herrera
gregory shervanick Requesting communication(email, phone log, letter) from Freidman Recycling, El Paso,Texas to Mr. ... Lissa Herrera
Jasmine Green I am requesting all audio and video pertaining to Officer Campa shooting Nathaniel Montoya on 02/... Police Lissa Herrera
Andrew Zampini Date of Incident: August 27, 2017 Client: Betty McCowan
This letter serves as an additional...
Police; Legal - Risk Management Lissa Herrera
Patty English Hi, Monroe County, NY requires a background check on all full time hires.  Edward Hall's results ... Police Lissa Herrera
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