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William Daniels I am looking for a call for service or police dispatch for a loss occurring on Highway 10 in Las ... Lissa Herrera
Hana I'd like to request a police report. Police Report# 2018-75023 Date of Accident: 7/30/2018 Lissa Herrera
Barbara Haynes My name is Barbara, I work for Pemco Limited on behalf of Fannie Mae. I received a property to ma... Police - Codes Lissa Herrera
Jim Laws I am requesting the turn on date for utilities at the address of 301 N. Roadrunner Parkway, Apt. ... Utilities Lissa Herrera
Nicole Jones Please provide our office with any reports, photos, audio and/or video with regards to an inciden... Police Lissa Herrera
Kenneth Egan I represent Kerri Kaye Tjaden.  I am requesting a copy of the Animal Control Report for a dog bit... Police - Codes Lissa Herrera
Amanda Stahl Good Morning,   I am requesting a current IPRA form and HIPAA Authorization form that the city o... Legal Lissa Herrera
Julie Lowe-Sanchez Video for case #2018-00078599 Incident date 08/08/18 Police Lissa Herrera
DEBARRY I am requesting the same documents that were managed in the Request #18-467 regarding Robert Ki... Legal - City Clerk Lissa Herrera
C.J. McElhinney Re: Request to Inspect/Copy Public Records Pursuant to New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Ac... Police Lissa Herrera
Perla Castaneda My name is Perla from the Lovett Law Firm on behalf of one of our clients, Marcos Ramirez police ... Police Lissa Herrera
Mary Thompson Official LCPD vehicle theft report. The theft was from the parking lot of Memorial Medical Center... Police Lissa Herrera
Leeanna Please advise of there are any open or pending code violations or fees and fines for property: 11... Utilities; Police - Codes Lissa Herrera
mike demeulenaere From oct 7 thru dec 5: Email, correspondence, meetings, police reports, addendums among Officer l... Information Technology Lissa Herrera
Brandon Code Enforcement: Need to verify if we have any open/pending code violations.  If so, please prov... Police - Codes Lissa Herrera
Kyle Robertson Partner Engineering and Science has been contracted to perform a Property Condition Assessment (n... Community Development; Fire; Police - Codes Lissa Herrera
Cierra Vaquera Dear City/County Secretary/Manager/Clerk/Official(s):   AEI Consultants has been retained to pe... Community Development; Fire; Public Works Lissa Herrera
George Oliver Charity Hello, please provide this office with the police report, any and all supplemental reports, photo... Police Lissa Herrera
Christy Bankston RE:  Request for Inspection of Public Records Pursuant to NMSA 1978 §14-2-1, et seq. Names of In... Police Lissa Herrera
Crystal Rodriguez Requesting Police Report on 8/31/2018 at 2823 San Miguel Drive, Las Cruces, NM 88007. Client seen... Police Lissa Herrera
Crystal Rodriguez Looking for Police Report or CAD reports for an incident that occurred on 8/25/2018 involving a c... Fire Lissa Herrera
Rebecca Atkins I am requesting any and all lapel or dashcam video from the arrest/DWI check of James Padilla on ... Police Lissa Herrera
Larri Erstad Terracon has been retained to perform a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment at 1309 Foster Road... Community Development Lissa Herrera
Karina Garcia Video - citation dated 05-24-18 (traffic stop) City of Las Cruces Police Dept. -Would like a cop... Police Lissa Herrera
Leeanna Please advise if there are any open or pending code violations and fees/fines for address: 3217 D... Police - Codes Lissa Herrera
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