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gregory shervanick Requesting a copy of Fund (Sustainability) Account # 1000-1353000-800000 expenditures for this Cu... Financial Services Lissa Herrera
James D. Patterson I need my job descriptions for the past 5 years (since 2014). Please include all emails and recor... Human Resources; Information Technology Lissa Herrera
erica franklin Dear City/County Secretary/Manger/Clerk/Official(s);  Intertek/ PSI Consultants is currently con... Community Development; Fire; Police - Codes Lissa Herrera
Jim Laws I am requesting customer utility information at 1230 N. Willow, Las Cruces, NM, 88001. Utilities Lissa Herrera
gregory shervanick The current copy of the Resolution -Which Authorizes a real estate purchase between the City of L... Lissa Herrera
gregory shervanick All documents form the city managers office,economic development office & community developme... Lissa Herrera
gregory shervanick All documents from the records of the Neighborhood Action Team (NAT) representatives, which show ... Legal; Police - Codes Lissa Herrera
gregory shervanick A copy of the Packet created by Economic Development for the use and purchase of the property loc... Legal - City Clerk Lissa Herrera
Van Pittsenbargar Dear Public Official or Agency: Pursuant to the Missouri Sunshine Law (RSMo Chapter 610), I woul... Police Lissa Herrera
Gavina Alvarez Fire Department Incident Report Gavina Alvarez 8175 Chama Dr Fire Lissa Herrera
Chris Stewart Copy of officer lapel camera Copy of photo taken at scene Case #19.01568   Police Lissa Herrera
Mohammad Husain Re:       Information Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act - FOIA CITY OF LAS CRUCES, NEW ... Community Development; Fire; Police - Codes Lissa Herrera
Veronica Urquidi Looking for Traffic Signal Recording The date was 8/18/2018 Time 23:05  The intersection was D... Public Works Lissa Herrera
Nathan Yudnich My name is Nathan Yudnich, I'm a graduate student from Colorado applying for a Engineering Licens... Municipal Court Lissa Herrera
Adam Welby Hello Las Cruces PD,  I would like to request the raw lapel videos taken from an arrest on 9/9/2... Police Lissa Herrera
Sharon Castro Re: 5208 Nephite Court, Las Cruces NM 88012 1) Please provide copies of any open code violations... Police - Codes; Utilities - Collections Lissa Herrera
Gretchen Miller This is a request for a copy of public records made under this State’s applicable Public Records ... Police Lissa Herrera
Rudy Ray Aragon I would like too inspect a full copy of LCPD and their Tow  Contract with Kleine Motor Co.LLC    Financial Services - Purchasing Lissa Herrera
Loretta Gaddis King Requesting the accident video and or photos for the following: Date: 4/10/17 Report# 2018-0011171... Police Lissa Herrera
Marisela M. Reyes Any public record on real estate properties owned by Hipolito S. Mendez including land, homes, an... Lissa Herrera
Adam Welby Hello Las Cruces PD,  I would like to request access to the body cam footage from the arrest of ... Police Lissa Herrera
Ryan Carroll Case # D-307-DM-200700070   I would like copies of the following: 2/28/2017 Stipulated Judgeme... Municipal Court Lissa Herrera
Rudy Ray Aragon Any and all LCFD reports to a motorcycle wreck on 12 27 2018... On Roarunner Parkway  Respectful... Fire Lissa Herrera
Mary L. Estep IPRA Request Re: Ashton Butler, DOI: October 11, 2018 Any and all documents related to this case Police Lissa Herrera
Rudy Ray Aragon I would like any and all reports made on 12/24/2017  @20:23  LCPD201745397 Respectfully Rudy R... Police Lissa Herrera
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