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09/19/17 List of homes that have been cited for violations of not maintaining required physical address ou... Police - Codes Lissa Herrera
09/15/17 Dear Madam or Sir: I am writing pursuant to the Inspection of Public Records Act, NMSA 1978, §§ ... Police Lissa Herrera
09/14/17 Case number 2017-20225 on 09-13-17Pictures of car and accident Police Lissa Herrera
09/14/17 I would like a copy of the latest rfq/rfp sent out for office furniture, cubicle systems, and equ... Financial Services - Purchasing Lissa Herrera
09/14/17 Las Cruces Police DepartmentRecords Custodian 217 E. PicachoLas Cruces, NM 88001Re: Records Reque... Police Lissa Herrera
09/13/17 September 12, 2017   To Whom It May Concern:   Under the New Mexico Open Records Act, I am fo... Police Lissa Herrera
09/12/17 Review Spectrum contract for janitorial supplies in order to provide city with alternative contra... Financial Services - Purchasing Lissa Herrera
09/11/17 Monday, September 11 2017 Dear Ms. Herrera, I am working on a journalism project in conjunction... Police Lissa Herrera
09/11/17 200 North Church Street, Las Cruces, NM 1. If there are any known building code violations on fi... Police - Codes; Community Development Lissa Herrera
09/11/17 LCPD2017-15904: BATTERY - Requesting copy of initial police report, copy of supplemental report g... Police Lissa Herrera
09/08/17 Does city or state law mandate data collection on pedestrian and traffic stops and searches? Doe... Police Lissa Herrera
09/07/17 I am requesting access to the STAR sustainability crosswalk from 2015.I am also requesting the ab... Economic Development Lissa Herrera
09/07/17 Good Afternoon:   Can you please email me a copy of LCPD report #2017-16143.   Your attention... Police Lissa Herrera
09/07/17 Hello, We need a copy of a police report for a hit and run on 9/1/2017 at approximately 12 am at ... Police Lissa Herrera
09/07/17 To Whom it May Concern:   I would like to receive a full list of equipment issued to uniform pa... Police Lissa Herrera
09/06/17 Gentlemen: I am writing to request copies of the following records:   Any and all information ... Police Lissa Herrera
09/06/17 Pictures that were taken on 08/24/2017 for property damages. Case ID #2017-18630 Police Lissa Herrera
09/05/17 Dear City Clerk:  I would like to request the following items for inspection and copying pursuant... Lissa Herrera
09/01/17 To Whom It May Concern, I am writing to request a copy of the most recent collective bargaining ... Legal - City Clerk Lissa Herrera
09/01/17 LCPD 2017-09919 All photos from the wreck. Police Lissa Herrera
09/01/17 To whom it may concern,   I received this email today from my employer and need assistance with... Police Lissa Herrera
08/31/17 Requesting arrest report for Roland Maurice Mercier from around October 22, 1977. The CR is 77-20... Police Lissa Herrera
08/30/17 Reports to Animal Control regarding aggressive dogs causing distress residing at 2709 Hillrise Dr... Police - Codes Lissa Herrera
08/30/17 I am requesting records for the date of November 1, 2016 through the date of May 31, 2017.I am re... Lissa Herrera
08/29/17 I am requesting the full documented reports on the following cases. All cases involve me personal... Police Lissa Herrera
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