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My name is Daniel Bennett. I am a doctoral candidate in the economics department at Stanford University. I am writing to make a public information request to obtain data for my dissertation. If I've contacted the wrong person I hope you won't mind helping me find the correct contact. 


For my dissertation I am measuring response times to calls for service, and comparing them for statistical areas with many law enforcement agencies and statistical areas with relatively few law enforcement agencies.  To do this I am requesting an export from your computer aided dispatch system. I would like the export to contain all calls for police service your department received between January 1st 2015 and December 31st 2016. 


For each call I would like to know the following: 


  1. Call Date and Time 
  2. Call Number (Some Identifier)
  3. Call Type (Burglary, Public Disturbance, etc...)
  4. Location to which police were dispatched. (Exact address)
  5. How the call was cleared. (I'm not looking for detailed information in this field. Did the police take a report, was the suspect gone on arrival, etc.)
  6. Date and time the officers were dispatched.
  7. Date and time the officers arrived.
  8. Date and time the call was cleared.
  9. Any Priority Code (I don't think I've found two departments with the same system for their priority codes, so I'll need some explanation of how the codes are assigned.)
  10. Some indication if the call was initiated by police officers. 


 As an example I've attached a small part of an export that I received from another department.  The export can be in raw format, as I am happy to clean the data myself. Additionally I have no problem combining multiple exports. If giving me several exports is easier than creating a custom one with the 10 fields I've specified, that would be just fine.  My goal is to get data from 100 different departments, and I've received about 60 so far. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. 


December 19, 2017 via email




Daniel Bennett





Point of Contact

Lissa Herrera

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December 21, 2017, 4:39pm
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We suggest you contact Mesilla Valley Regional Dispatch Authority for the requested information.

December 21, 2017, 4:39pm
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December 19, 2017, 8:32am
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December 19, 2017, 8:32am