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Please reopen the following request as your expectation for me to provide my name, address, and telephone number obviously proved according to your own documentation.  I also obviously provided where you could find the audio taped questions on your own taped session during the Public Input portion of the City Council Meeting were Mayor MIyagishima and I spoke.  I presented them to you in the "original format" they were found in as you have previously provided to information requested to others.  I also provided the information in this manner so I would not be misquoted - as Mayor Miyagishima has already previously he has demonstrated.  There is nothing in the NM State Statutes that state I have to write out the questions for you when they can be easily identified.  The taped portion of the exchange between Mayor Miyagishima and myself is less than 10 minutes long.  His portion is less than 4 minutes. This is also considered as "reasonable accommodation" under the ADA laws.  The delaying of this matter is unethical as well as demonstrates coercion.  Please provide the requested information without any further delays as it is now October 15, your response was not sent until today even though it was requested on October 10.  You have already had 3 working days to look at the video and provide the documentation - in accordance with the NM Sunshine Laws.

Thank you!

Because of Mayor Miyagishima's claims made at the October 7, 2019, City Council Meeting to me (Shelly Nichols-Shaw) concerning the West Fleming Avenue ADA Accessibility and Safety issues/violations, please provide any and all evidence and/or documentation that the Mayor and City may have supporting his claims including but not limited to his claim that the ADA only requires one sidewalk, etc.  Please see the City's own video taping of the meeting for further details at:

Thank you!

Your response:

Good morning.  NMSA 14-2-8(C) states “a written request shall provide the name, address and telephone number of the person seeking access to the records and shall identify the records sought with reasonable particularity.  No person requesting records shall be required to state the reason for inspecting the records”.  You must provide specificity as to the documents requested.

October 15, 2019, 9:37am by Lissa Herrera, Records Manager (Staff)


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