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Rudy Ray Aragon Any n all 911 calls to and from LCPD to Rudy Aragon and from Las Cruces Schools administration bu... Lissa Herrera
Rudy Ray Aragon City council meeting 4-4-2011 Public participation video please where I told the city council an... Lissa Herrera
Harold Montgomery LCPD Accident report 18-122791 Valerie Torres (Maldanado) Foothills east of Telshore Police Lissa Herrera
(Gina) Eugenia Montoya Ortega I would like to request a copy or to see & study a copy of the booklet report that the City o... Administration - City Manager/Assistant City Manager Lissa Herrera
Shelly Nichols-Shaw Please provide a copy of the taped audio session, a typed copy of the transcript (as soon as it i... Administration - Mayor/City Council; Administration - City Manager/Assistant City Manager Lissa Herrera
Dorian Love Surveillance Video for pullover Case # M-14-DR2016-00464 Dorian Love Citation #0100829605 Date... Police Lissa Herrera
Ron & Josie Hudson DASH CAM OR BODY CAM - 11-08-2018 7:13 PM - CASE #2018-0011-4644 & ALL RECORDS FOR THIS CASE Police Lissa Herrera
Margaret Montoya Good Afternoon This office would like to request Las Cruces Police Department incident report fo... Police Lissa Herrera
Crystal Rodriguez Requesting police report for the address and incident below: Address: 2986 Petunia Lane, Las Cru... Police Lissa Herrera
Alma Perales Attorney Robert Lovett is needing all measurements taken at the scene ,all photos from the scene,... Lissa Herrera
Bertha Moreno Dog bite report Involving: Bertha Moreno Address: 801 S. Espina Date of Incident: 11/08/18 Police Lissa Herrera
Laurie Scott Please provide us with  a complete copy of any and all documents Las Cruces Police
Department ...
Police Lissa Herrera
Ms. Cruz Please send me electronic records for October 23,2018 amended supplement report: 2018-108746 from... Fire; Police Lissa Herrera
Sandra Medrano Pictures for LCPD Case #18-109675 Police Lissa Herrera
Darrin Podruchny Personnel File Employee #1054 Darrin Podruchny Human Resources Lissa Herrera
Carol Bruno Requesting a copy of the dash cam and lapel cam footage in both audio and video formats regarding... Police Lissa Herrera
Rudy Ray Aragon 2017-20355 date 4-6-2017 reported date 9-15-2017 Any and All records and supplements and audio &a... Police Lissa Herrera
Rudy Ray Aragon Any and All tort claims and request for the tort claims Rudy Ray Aragon filed in or around 2017 y... Legal; Legal - City Clerk Lissa Herrera
Rudy Ray Aragon I Rudy Ray Aragon am requesting any and all reports/supplements/hand notes/phone calls/emails ect... Administration - Mayor/City Council Lissa Herrera
Chris Gardener Please check and advise for the below address:
1.special assessments (open invoices such as ta...
Community Development; Police - Codes; Utilities - Collections Lissa Herrera
Adam Welby Hello City of Las Cruces Police,  I would like to make a request for any raw body camera footage... Police Lissa Herrera
Roger Meeks Please send me a Police report  that I can submit to the Insurance claim on his behalf as I am hi... Police Lissa Herrera
Brenda Arnett Request all LCPD recordings, documents, and all other information in reference to a 911 call whic... Police Lissa Herrera
Algernon D'Ammassa Seeking LCPD report dated Nov. 22, 2018, related to incident involving home invasion, subsequent ... Police Lissa Herrera
Mary L. Estep Incident that happened on October 23, 2018 at residence,   1913 East Idaho Las Cruces NM 88001... Police Lissa Herrera
Lori Hernandez of Highland Park Apts. I need to request these Report #'s: 1.  2018-00060521 6-20-18 2.  2018-00065576 7-9-18 3.  201... Police Lissa Herrera
Ashley Newman RE: Roi Hines
       DOB: XX/XX/1976
       SSN: XXX-XX-XXXX   Please  conduct   a  law  ...
Police Lissa Herrera
Marciano Giron My name is Marciano Giron with Lovett Law Firm. I am requesting a 911 Transcript for one of our c... Lissa Herrera
George Oliver Charity Hello, please provide this office with the police report, any and all supplemental reports, photo... Police Lissa Herrera
Katie Marion Under the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act, 14-2-1 NMSA 1978 et seq., we are
Police Lissa Herrera
Diana Enriquez I am requesting the currant lease between the City of Las Cruces and PALS also known as Las Cruce... Economic Development Lissa Herrera
George Oliver Charity Hello, please provide this office with the police report, any and all supplemental reports, photo... Police Lissa Herrera
Ryan There was a motorcycle accident caused by a dog running into the road on CABIN CREEK AND SLADO CR... Police; Police - Codes Lissa Herrera
Samantha Zambrano Request for Evacuation Report: dated 11/13/2018 at approximately 1:00 A.M. at 734 Horizon Vi... Fire Lissa Herrera
Victor Saenz Good Afternoon! Please provide this office with the police report, any and all supplemental repo... Police Lissa Herrera
Jennifer Perry I am requesting the accident photographs related to Las Cruces Police Accident #L2018-00098896. Police Lissa Herrera
Loretta Gaddis King Requesting any photos for the following: Date:       11/3/18 Report#    8018112815 Insured    ... Police Lissa Herrera
Victor Saenz Good Afternoon! Please provide this office with the police report, any and all supplemental repo... Police Lissa Herrera
Donald Heinzelman I'd like to know the cost, with an invoice, for the Plaza Christmas Tree and the unit of governme... Parks & Recreation Lissa Herrera
Dorothy Encinias Dear Sir/Madam: This office is requesting copies of any and all incident reports, CAD Reports, 9... Police Lissa Herrera
Eric Montgomery Need a copy of the supplemental reports, photos, videos, and audio recordings on 2/28/2016-2/29/2... Police Lissa Herrera
Ann Richmond, LBSW Las Cruces Police Department/Records  Division .
PO Drawer 20000
Las Cruces, NM 88004
Police Lissa Herrera
Marina Gandara In search of police report: Date of Incident: 11/14/2018 and 11/15/2018 Name of individual invo... Police Lissa Herrera
Dania Cordova 6/23/18 Case #2018-61710 - Pictures of victim    10/31/18 Case #2018-00111428 Video on school b... Police Lissa Herrera
Selena L. Ruiz Good Morning,

I am requesting a police report on the following offender so he may be seen...
Police Lissa Herrera
Shelly Nichols-Shaw Due to claims made by Mr. David Dollahon at the City's November 13 work session, please provide a... Lissa Herrera
Shelly Nichols-Shaw Due to claims made by City Staff, please provide me access to any and all other agreements, contr... Economic Development Lissa Herrera
Shelly Nichols-Shaw 1.) A copy of the City's audit sheet/cost analysis and Stephen/Steven Mirabal's check for the Wes... Lissa Herrera
Susan Norton Any police or incident reports involving Yolanda Cooper and/or Memorial Medical Center in Las Cru... Police Lissa Herrera
Katie Marion Pursuant to NMSA 1978, Section 14-2-1, I am requesting a copy of the recorded statement made by N... Police Lissa Herrera
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