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Christina Anaya Pursuant to the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act ("IPRA"), I would like to
obtain c...
Police Lissa Herrera
Alexia Ruiz Keller and Keller has been retained by Jasmine Green on behalf of the wrongful death estate of Na... Police Lissa Herrera
Laura Cotitta Husler Our Client:  John Howard, as Personal Representative of the Estate of William Brooks DOB: XX/XX... Fire Lissa Herrera
Mary L. Estep Please accept this correspondence as a request for public records under the New Mexico Public Re... Police Lissa Herrera
Angel L. Saenz, Esq. Attn: Julie CD of Police Photographs requested.  re:  Case Number:  2018-00011410 Crash Report No:  80181141... Police Lissa Herrera
Dana Kojic Please provide any local arrest history for:
Mary Jane Quates (AKA Mary Jane Perkins/ AKA Ma...
Police Lissa Herrera
Shelly Nichols-Shaw I would like to review the current ADA Transition Plan (Dec 2017) as well as the diagrams, lists,... Lissa Herrera
Yvette Benitiz Any pictures taken for case no 2018-25304 Police Lissa Herrera
George Oliver Charity Hello, please provide this office with the police report, any and all supplemental reports, photo... Police Lissa Herrera
Shelly Nichols-Shaw The existing maps of streets, sidewalks, measurements, etc. in the West Fleming & North Main ... Public Works Lissa Herrera
Juanita Jennings Please provide copies of the following documents: 1. Contracts for the Facility Management of th... Economic Development Lissa Herrera
Loretta Gaddis King Requesting the accident video for the following; Date:      3/8/18 Report#   2018-00023492 Ins... Police Lissa Herrera
George Oliver Charity Hello, please provide this office with the police report, any and all supplemental reports, photo... Police Lissa Herrera
Philomena Hausler This is a request for traffic engineering records that relate to traffic signals and  signage at ... Public Works Lissa Herrera
Chris Stewart A copy of Las Cruces Police Dept. Policy & Procedure Book/Manual Police Lissa Herrera
Marianne Duffey Pursuant to the state open records law N.M. Stat. Secs. 14-2-1 to 14-2-12, on behalf of Pricewate... Financial Services Lissa Herrera
Larissa Duran I am requesting any reports where Daniel Martinez , DOB XX/XX/1985, is a complainant, witness, su... Police Lissa Herrera
Alree B. Sweat To whom it may concern,   My name is Alree B. Sweat III.  Would like to get a copy of all notic... Administration - Mayor/City Council; Police Lissa Herrera
Misty Wray On behalf of my family, I am requesting an actual arrest photo/mugshot of Rudolfo A. Martinez fro... Police Lissa Herrera
Ulrich Kemmo Tsafack I'm requesting pictures, audio and videos about the accident related with the case number 2018-00... Police Lissa Herrera
Jaime Trevino I would like to request any police reports/supplements/pictures/audio/video that involve both mys... Police Lissa Herrera
Jim Laws I am requesting customer information for the parties at 2035 Embassy. If no one is presently at t... Utilities Lissa Herrera
Alan Dahl All documents within the City's possession or control that relate to, or arise from, a motor vehi... Police; Municipal Court Lissa Herrera
Erik Khan 1. Any and all letters, emails, notes, facsimile transmissions, correspondence, press releases, o... Police Lissa Herrera
Alexia Ruiz Hello, Keller and Keller has been retained by Michael A. Ontiveros for an accident he was in on ... Police Lissa Herrera
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