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Dr. Lauri Millot I am interested in a police report involving Samantha Cabrera and Edwin Acosta.   The location of... Police Lissa Herrera
Mohammad Husain City of Las Cruces, NM Re:       Information Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act - FOIA ... Community Development; Fire; Police - Codes Lissa Herrera
Patricia Mitchell Gentlemen:   I am writing to request the following documents:    Any and all documents conc... Legal - City Clerk Lissa Herrera
Patricia B Chavez All animal control calls made regarding 2709 Hillrise Dr., Las Cruces, New Mexico Lissa Herrera
Paul Pompeo Southwest Engineering, Inc. (SEI) along with Advanced Testing & Materials, Geo-Test and Terra... Financial Services Lissa Herrera
Dolores Connor I must have asked for the wrong information the first time related to Audit's.  Mr. Ed told me th... Lissa Herrera
Jay Horowitz I request an unedited electronic copy in electronic format and in the highest resolution availabl... Legal - City Clerk Lissa Herrera
Anthony Avallone Present owners contact information for utilities at 1050 Sharon Utilities Lissa Herrera
Cornelio Diaz Photos for motor vehicle accident 10/13/17 Report L201722588 Police Lissa Herrera
Anthony Alden Copies of the Police Report, including all photos, videos, diagrams, and any other documents rela... Police Lissa Herrera
PATRICIA BOLLIGER I am requesting a copy of all payments to the City of Las Cruces for After School Program and Cam... Parks & Recreation Lissa Herrera
Paul Hibner Under the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act, 14-2-1 NMSA 1978 et seq., and/or
NMAC §...
Financial Services; Human Resources; Legal Lissa Herrera
Jim Laws I am making an IPRA request for records related to Las Cruces Police Dept. report L201604432, inv... Police Lissa Herrera
Michel Don Please let us know the property has any open Code Violations & Permits[open/expired] ?   Pr... Community Development Lissa Herrera
Rodolfo Burciaga Claim #312623M79-1-0-18   Need pictures from my truck accident on a disk Police Lissa Herrera
TaNisha Tankard My name is Ta Nisha and I work for Pemco-Limited on behalf of Fannie Mae (FNMA – Federal National... Police - Codes; Utilities - Collections Lissa Herrera
PFC Stephanie Cantu My request if for full investigation on Chris Edward Jackson II for Domestic Violence, DOB- 1994,... Police Lissa Herrera
Jennifer Lijoi Blackstone Consulting LLC is representing a real estate entity that has interest in the following... Community Development; Fire; Police - Codes Lissa Herrera
Dr. Lauri Millot I am interested in a copy of a police report filed early this morning involving Merranda R. Marin... Police Lissa Herrera
George Oliver Charity Hello, please provide this office with the police report, any and all supplemental reports, photo... Police Lissa Herrera
Rui Yu Dear Sir/Madam:   I am a PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania working on a research pr... Legal - City Clerk Lissa Herrera
Nicholas G. Easterling NMCR # 801810349 Case # 2018-00010349 Our file # 18032

Good morning,
We have been ...
Police Lissa Herrera
Daniel Bass Pursuant to the state open records law N.M. Stat. Secs. 14-2-1 to 14-2-12, I write to request a ... Economic Development; Financial Services Lissa Herrera
Leanne Fritsch Please provide the city of Las Cruces' official policy regarding email or electronic transmission... Information Technology Lissa Herrera
Joseph Marino Attention Records: Name(s): Ruspoli, Shaun Joseph DOB: XX/XX/1990 SSN: XX-0441 AKA: Hamilton, S... Police; Municipal Court Lissa Herrera
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