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Phillip Breen After reading about the city’s decision not to appeal a $1.6 million judgement against the police... Financial Services; Legal Lissa Herrera
Kat Graue Address: 1722 McRae Avenue   I need to place a records request on the above referenced property... Legal; Police - Codes Lissa Herrera
Robert S. Alarcon Jr I would like the "pictures" from an incident that occurred on Feb 15, 2018.  I am the victim; Rob... Police Lissa Herrera
Jade Garza Police Report regarding the death of Starla Cherryhomes anytime from January 27, 2018 - February ... Police Lissa Herrera
Kevin Ferguson Any certificates or promotional papers for rank during employment 1982-2006 Human Resources Lissa Herrera
Lisa Sandoval Re: Deceased: Joshua Dunne
DOI: 12/02/2016
Location: 2121 S Travis Dr., Las Cruces, NM 8800...
Police Lissa Herrera
Steven Valdez Municipal Lien for Sierra Norte Land Holdings LLC Lien #1607259 Requesting if lien has been pai... Legal Lissa Herrera
Claudia Cardenas We are requesting ALL information and documents in your possession related to case no.
Police Lissa Herrera
Craig W. Hoffer Date: February 28, 2018  EMG is an environmental and engineering consulting firm conduct... Community Development; Fire; Police; Utilities; Police - Codes Lissa Herrera
Craig W. Hoffer Date: February 28, 2018  EMG is an environmental and engineering consulting firm conduct... Community Development; Fire; Police; Utilities; Police - Codes Lissa Herrera
Sylvia Reyes l would like any information about a dog bite incident that occurred on December 30 , 2017 the vi... Police - Codes Lissa Herrera
Janel Ortiz My daughter Xxxxxx Xxxxx had a recorded interview at La Piñon on February 6, 2018 @ noon. The de... Police Lissa Herrera
Elizabeth Adams Date - August 31, 2017 - ?   Case #2017-19280   All records/reports/photos from Officer Telle... Police Lissa Herrera
Gilbert Apodaca Re: Crime reports in the Mesa Grande I Bataan Memorial, Hwy. Att: Custodians of Records: This o... Police Lissa Herrera
Rudy Ray Aragon Emergency reports, pictures, any and all records from Las Cruces Fire Department on a 911 call th... Fire Lissa Herrera
George Oliver Charity Hello, please provide this office with the following:       Global Spectrum proposal for the or... Economic Development Lissa Herrera
Victoria Garcia Hello Mr. Trujillo,  My name is Victoria and I'm doing a story for NMSU's Kokopelli on DUI's in ... Police Lissa Herrera
Maria Renteria Good morning, Please send all reports, supplemental reports, video, photos, search warrant and a... Police Lissa Herrera
Dr. Lauri Millot I’m interested in a police report involving Tymon Locklin.  The location of the incident would be... Police Lissa Herrera
Andra Litton Asking for LCPD Dash Cam video from responding officer(s) to the police pursuit involving Nathani... Police Lissa Herrera
David Houliston Re: Our Client: Estella Garcia, mother and on behalf of Sonia Castillo, Decedent
Report No.: 2...
Police Lissa Herrera
Nester Garza IV RE: New Mexico Open Records Act Request/IPRA
Dear Sir/Madam:
I am writing you pursuant ...
Police Lissa Herrera
Erica O'Neill To the City Clerk:  Please provide the fire and police department reports for a building fire at... Fire; Police Lissa Herrera
Joshua Barela Warnings or citations for code compliance
residential home addresses curbside.   Past 30 day...
Police - Codes Lissa Herrera
Sheneille Wilson Parnall Law is in need of the 911 Calls, CADs, Lapel Cam, Dash Cam, Photos, and all other evidenc... Police Lissa Herrera
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